Author Spotlight: Virginia Ulch

Local children’s author, Virginia Ulch, is on a mission to help others!  At times, as parents and educators we tend to be at a loss for words on how to comfort our little one during a difficult time.  Wouldn’t it be great to have the perfect story that your child can relate to?  As a former special education teacher, elementary school counselor, and long-time foster and adoptive parent, Virginia has managed to bring such resources right to your fingertips with Heart 2 Heart Resources.

Heart 2 Heart Resources supplies positive books for children experiencing difficult times.  Whether it be bullying, developing good self-esteem, coping with ADHD, coping with foster homes, or dealing with the loss of a loved one, Virginia’s got the selection for you.  So if you ever need to have a heart-to-heart with your little one about the challenges of life, check-out for additional book selections and resources.

Message from our Founder:  “Virginia’s books don’t just stop at the story!  She provides examples of famous people so that kids can realize they aren’t the only one who has had this experience.  She also provides guided activities for the child to further explore his/her emotions and to help manage it.  Parents and educators will find helpful advice as well.  When I heard about what Virginia was doing to help children cope with the difficulties of everyday life, I was more than happy to partner up with her."

BullyFish and Happy to "Bee" Me can be purchased through My Book Buddy's website and are donation items.  A special thank you goes to Virginia for participating in our buy a book, give a book selections.  All donated items from her book sales will be gifted to our 2017 Book Fair on her behalf!

Virginia will be having a Book Signing for BullyFish and Happy to "Bee" Me during our upcoming Pop-up Shops.  Here's her Book Signing schedule:

1) Super Saturday Sale at Laurel Park Place Mall on March 4th - Noon to 1pm

2) Michigan International Women's Show 2017 on Saturday May 6th from 2pm to 4pm 

Preorder Heart 2 Heart book selections found at for pick-up at either Pop-up Shop by emailing book titles and desired quantity to  We will send your invoice in advance for easy check-out.