Most of us have experienced some form of bullying during our childhood.  Although we can relate to the struggle our little ones experience, at times our encouragement is not enough for them to press through the challenge of overcoming bullying in school.  In addition to sharing our own experience, we need to provide resources that they can relate to.  Virginia Ulch’s “BullyFish” is one of those resources.

“BullyFish” is the cute tale about Stella the Starfish and her friends whom are all different.  Each of her friends has a different purpose and different personalities.  Despite being diverse, they all live happily together in their fish tank.  When a new fish arrives, the group must work together to adjust to this unusual character.  This story explores ways to adapt to changes around you.  

Message from our Founder:  “This is the first book of Virginia’s that I’ve read.  The illustrations are bright and inviting.  The message in the story provokes positive thinking and realistic approaches to addressing bullies.  My favorite takeaway from Stella the Starfish's story is the power of communication.  With effective communication we can all live in harmony regardless of our personal differences.  This is a life lesson that we all need.  The resources provided at the end of the book are sure to spark your little ones interest!”

BullyFish and Happy to "Bee" Me can be purchased through My Book Buddy's website and are donation items.  A special thank you goes to Virginia for participating in our buy a book, give a book selections.  All donated items from her book sales will be gifted to our 2017 Book Fair on her behalf!

Virginia will be having a Book Signing for BullyFish and Happy to "Bee" Me during our upcoming Pop-up Shops.  Here's her Book Signing schedule:

1) Michigan International Women's Show 2017 on Saturday May 6th from 2pm to 4pm 

2) Ladies In Business Showcase (see our FB page for this private invite) on Saturday, May 13th from 1pm to 3pm

Preorder Heart 2 Heart book selections found at www.h2hresources.com for pick-up at either Pop-up Shop by emailing book titles and desired quantity to mybookbuddyinfo@gmail.com.  We will send your invoice in advance for easy check-out.