Happy To Bee Me

One of the most important life lessons that we can teach our children is that they should embrace their individuality.  In order to be truly happy, learning to live in the skin you are in is important.  Virginia Ulch's Happy To Bee Me book is the perfect selection for helping to teach children to identify their differences and why those differences make them special.  She teaches that we should not be jealous of each, but kind to one another.


Message from our Founder:

"The cover itself catches people's attention!  This book went fast at our 2017 Book Fair.  The illustrator, Kyle Csortos, does a great job of bringing life to the story of little worker bee Hannah who wants to be the queen bee so that she can be important and admired.  Happy To Bee Me is one of my favorite stories from Virginia.  There literally is a story within a story in this book as the reader will also explore the letter P.  It's something to remember.  If you are an educator, this is a must have for your classroom.  The classroom activities in the back of the book can be used to help students practice these major life lessons."

Happy to "Bee" Me and BullyFish can be purchased through My Book Buddy's website.  A special thank you goes to Virginia for participating in our buy a book, give a book donation program.  Six of her books were donated on her behalf to our 2017 Book Fair at Henry Ford Academy: Elementary School!