The Easter Chinchilla

As Easter approaches, it’s a great time to start incorporating our favorite Easter stories into our little ones reading time.  Children tend to love stories that build-up the holiday season whether it’s Christmas or Easter.  It makes the holiday more exciting!  After adding “Fireball:  The Christmas Kitty” to my list of holiday favorites (check-out published “Fireball:  The Christmas Kitty” blog), I decided to check-out local children’s author Patti Radakovich’s second book release, “The Easter Chinchilla.”


“The Easter Chinchilla” is a unique story of a Chinchilla named Inca who is different from his family and friends.  His character is one that many children (and adults) can relate to.  Don’t we all feel different at some point in our lives?  Inca’s pursuit to discovering why he’s different from the rest is what makes this a beautiful story.  “The Easter Chinchilla” is a story of inspiration, self-discovery, acceptance, and working-together…all great life lessons for our little ones.


What I love about Patti’s stories are the connections to her real life muses.  The character Inca was inspired by her rescued Chinchilla, Ms. Cha Cha Boots, from the Humane Society.  Ms. Cha Cha Boots was unfortunately diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Patti’s love for animals brings about compassion and realness in her writing.  It’s very easy to fall in love with the characters because they too exude passion and determination.


Purchase your own copy of “The Easter Chinchilla” for this holiday season today at!  A portion of all sales of this book will be donated to support the animal welfare effort in the Metro-Detroit area.  If you’d like to donate directly to Basil’s Buddies, please visit