Frequently Asked Questions:

- If I make a donation, what is the contribution used for?

Answer:  Your non-tax deductible contribution will be used to provide books to our target sponsors.  Donations help My Book Buddy ensure that consistent sponsorship is provided to our sponsors.  We thank you in advance for your donation!

- What is the return and refund policy?

Answer:  We accept any unused products shipped to us within 15 days of purchase delivery.  Please include a short note which includes your order number and an explanation of the reason for your return.  Once your return is received, we will promptly issue a refund to the account with which you placed the order.  Please note that shipping fee will not be reimbursed.


- What is a target sponsor?

Answer:  A target sponsor is a non-profit organization that does not currently have consistent sponsorship from My Book Buddy.  As soon as My Book Buddy has enough book donations to meet the target sponsor's monthly or quarterly book donation needs, the target sponsor will become an official sponsor.

- What is a sponsor?

Answer:  A sponsor is a non-profit organization that has consistent sponsorship from My Book Buddy.  My Book Buddy provides book donations on a monthly or quarterly basis to meet the sponsor's reading program needs.  We expect to have our first official sponsor by the beginning of 2017.  The success of My Book Buddy's book sales is what we depend on!

- Why is the sale price on some items higher than the retail price listed?

Answer:  Our sale prices are very comparable to other bookstores and include shipping costs.  Upon check-out, you will only be taxed for your purchase. 

- What is a non-donation item?

Answer:  A non-donation item does not provide a book donation upon purchase.  Non-donation items typically include gift sets, toys, apparel, arts and craft sets, activity sets, and books for ages 12 and up.  All purchases do, however, help our cause!

- What is a book club item?

Answer:  A book club item is one of our monthly book selections from our Junior Blogger.  The Book Club Blog will have monthly book reviews from our Junior Blogger.  Check the product info details to see what month the book will be reviewed so you can read along with our Junior Blogger!