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My Book Buddy is partnered with the My Book Buddy Foundation (MBBF) to host our Annual Book Fair!  MBBF runs an Annual Book Fair contest where local Detroit Schools are nominated as a favorite.  During the month of January votes are collected to determine the winning school.

The My Book Buddy Foundation Mission:

The mission for My Book Buddy Foundation (MBBF) is to help improve the literacy and widen knowledge among children of Michigan. MBBF wants to provide access to books for those in need through community service activities. Literacy is the key to education and creates opportunities for jobs and economic empowerment. MBBF will offer services at no charge to educators, public libraries, and other local non-profit organizations.

Become Apart of the Foundation's Beginnings!

MBBF is being founded and is looking for individuals who'd like to help promote literacy in the Metro-Detroit Area as a member.  Interested in becoming a member?  Email mybookbuddyfoundation@gmail.com to attend their next Virtual Foundation Open House!

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Current Nominations:
1)   Carver S.T.E.M. Academy
2) Cooke Elementary