Our Mission

Our Promise: 

To change lives, one book at a time!

Contact Information:

Email:  mybookbuddyinfo@gmail.com

Phone: 248-560-7525

Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday:  10:30am to 6pm

Friday - 10:30am to 5pm

Saturday - 9am to 3:30pm

Sunday - CLOSED

In an effort to help our children become better readers, My Book Buddy was established for adults and educators who want to encourage their children and teenagers to read more.  Our mission is to help foster an engaging reading environment for children as well as provide books to children of the Metro-Detroit area.  We are the only online children's bookstore dedicated to improving literacy amongst the youth in Detroit.  Unlike most bookstores, when a book of ours is sold another book is given to a Detroit School student.  About 50% of our products are buy a book, give a book items.  When you purchase a donation item through our online store, we donate the same book to a Detroit School student.

After hearing the 4th graders in the city of Detroit are struggling with reading, our founder and CEO, Nina L. Robinson, decided to help.  When our youth have the resources that they need to practice reading, they become better readers.  We provide book donations through our own sponsored community events.  Help us change a life one book at a time by making a purchase or donation today! 

1,567 Books donated!


An Impact!