"Summer Reading is Key" A Message from Our Founder

Growing-up in a household with a mother who was a teacher had its advantages.  I can remember every summer my sibling and I were tasked with reading one book and writing a book report prior to starting back to school for the new year.   Since I wasn't an avid reader, our summer reading assignment was never something that I looked forward to.  My sibling was just the opposite and even read several books during the summer.  Despite my feelings on the matter, my mother always required my participation.


Summer reading is key to helping our children further develop their reading skills, vocabulary, writing skills, and analytical skills.  In one reading session, your child is bound to discover a new word, something thought provoking, and tap into his or her own creativity.  With today's social media and tech craze, it may be even more difficult to raise reading enthusiasts.  It is important to have an engaging and supportive reading environment for both the classroom and the household.

As I reflect on my own summer reading experiences as a child, I remember at the end of the summer feeling accomplished as well as even enjoying the stories that I read.  In adulthood, I've realized the benefits of reading and advocate reading for development and knowledge.  We need to encourage our children to read more so that they can maximize their potentional in school and in life.  As summer comes to an end, reading should remain a priority.  My Book Buddy's Book Club was created for this very reason.  Our monthly Book Club blog provides a fun and supportive environment for your reader all year round!  All readers ages 8 - 14 are welcome.  Visit our website at www.mybookbuddydetroit.com to join today.