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Homework Helpster (Grade 3)

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  • A homework help flip card guide with core curriculum for grade 3. Give your child the best school help available with Homework Helpster for third grade.  Featuring an easy to use stand-up, stand-out format, this guide includes the latest fast facts to make homework easier.

        ·  The core curriculum in 200 full-color, at-a-glance flip cards

        ·  4 sections: Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies

        ·  Subject dividers make answers quick and easy to find

        ·  Kid-friendly full-color maps, pictures, charts, keywords, and  diagrams make learning easy

    Compiled by fourth grade teachers using core curriculums and standards, each entry focuses on a key concept. Homework Helpster is the one reference every 3rd grader needs. Homework help is on the way!