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What If. . . You Broke All the Rules

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  • In What If. . . You Broke All the Rules, Haley will turn 16 on Valentine's Day.  But there won't be any big parties or celebrations to mark the occasion—her parents are so distracted by their own lives that they forget her birthday.  Haley's dad is absorbed in finishing his documentary, and Haley's mom is spending waaaay too much time with a former coworker from San Francisco.  With Perry and Joan preoccupied, Haley will suddenly find herself in a world without rules.  Will Haley turn into a wild child or do the responsible thing?  And how will Haley choose to spend her spring break—with a trip to Paris with Sasha, to Sebastian's hometown of Seville, making a movie in New Jersey with Irene, or in the Hamptons with Coco, Whitney, and their crew?  It's up to you to choose Haley's destiny!