Is There a Ghost in The House?

Crash, bang, boom! What do you do when there’s a ghost is the house? Hide under the bed or perhaps…call Nancy Drew!

In our September Book Club read, The Hidden Staircase, Nancy Drew helped find the ghost at the Twin Elms mansion. There were some strange things happening at the mansion. With weird noises and missing items in the house, the sisters living at the mansion knew their house was haunted. Nancy finds clues from the nosey neighbor to track down the ghost.

I enjoyed reading The Hidden Staircase. My favorite part of the book was when Nancy discovered the hidden staircase. All of the clues that she found before finding the staircase helped her put the pieces of the ghost mystery together. The story even made me feel like a detective!

Have you ever had to solve a mystery? Do you search for clues or ask people for help? We can all be detectives if we follow Nancy’s approach. I look forward to reading the next book for our October Book Club along with our new Junior Blogger. Hopefully, you will read Gustav Gloom and The People Taker along with us! Please share your thoughts and questions below.

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