The Babysitter

Are you a babysitter? If you are, do you follow the rules you are told to do with the person you are babysitting? You definitely should follow the rules you are told, because you never know why those rules are there.

The book “Don’t Stay Up Late” is about a young teenage girl, Lisa, who babysits because she and her mom need the money. She has few friends because everybody thinks she is different. Lisa babysits a young eight year old boy, Harry. Harry is a very sweet little boy. Lisa’s friends keep a few secrets throughout the story and some of them are a little more mysterious than others. I don’t think friends should keep secrets from one another though.

This book is a very good book and I give it a five out of five star rating. It is not only a mystery, but it is also a spooky book. If you have a great imagination you will have some fun with this book! There are a lot of fictional parts, but some parts of the story could really happen. My favorite part of the story is when she gets her babysitting job, because she gets money and this makes times easier. She and her mom need the money because her mom cannot go to work right now.

I hope you read this awesome book. You should also explore other books by author, R.L. Stine! I definitely recommend R.L. Stine’s “Call Waiting” and “Hit and Run”. Thanks for reading my blog...I hope you liked it!

Our February Book Club selection is "What If...All Your Friends Turned On You" where you can choose how the story goes! Hopefully, you will read along with us. Please share your thoughts and questions below. Keep Reading!

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