Haley Miller’s High School Adventure

Would you like being able to choose your own destiny? Well if you would, you will really enjoy this book. Haley Miller is just an ordinary high school girl, so you would think she deserves some friends. But her friends think otherwise.

“What If…All Your Friends Turned on You” is a realistic fiction book is because the characters act like any normal high school girl. The girls pass drama around the school. This book is a choose your destiny book which means at the end of each chapter you can pick what you want to happen next. Haley has a lot of friends some of them are: Dave, Alex, and Reese. The reason they turned on her is because they didn’t like the way Haley was acting. She was starting to claim the mean group of girls as her friends.

I give this book a 3 out of 5 star rating because I just like going through the whole book without stopping. When I was almost done with the book there was a dead end, so be careful of what path you choose! My favorite part of the story is when Haley’s friends forgave her and they became friends again. This story made me feel uncomfortable because I don’t like when girls start drama…it is annoying! The cool thing about a choose your destiny book is you can read it more than once, and it will be different every time. Some other books you will enjoy if you like this book are: What If…Everyone Knew Your Name, What If…You Broke All the Rules, and finally, What If…Everyone Was Doing It.

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