March Is Reading Month School Visits

February 07, 2020

Our schedule for March Is Reading Month Pop-up Shops in Metro-Detroit area schools is still open!  We also still have some openings to host Reading Activity Drop-ins for local Elementary classrooms in honor of March Is Reading Month.  Educators are encouraged to request a 2021 March Is Reading Month Pop-up Shop NOW as our schedule will fill-up quickly.  If you haven't had a My Book Buddy event in your classroom or school, you are missing out!

3rd Annual 2020 Walk for Literacy & Fundraiser! Are you in?

February 07, 2020

Let's help our children become better readers...together!  SAVE THE DATE for our 3rd Annual Walk for Literacy on Saturday, April 25, 2020 from 10am to Noon.

My Book Buddy's 2020 Walk for Literacy is a meetup designed to help raise awareness of the literacy crisis in Detroit and promote resources for the crisis. 

Book Your Read Along for the 2019-2020 School Year!

February 07, 2020

Our Read Along/Read Aloud schedule for the next half of the school year is open!  Schedules for February are currently full.  You can request your preferred date/time through our Book Services Online section.  We will then send an email follow-up with next steps.  Requests must be submitted atleast 4 weeks prior to the desired service date to allow for planning.  Please note that during the 2019-2020 School Year each participating school is limited to 2 sponsorships.  As always, we encourage educators to make requests as early as possible.  We look forward to serving your classroom this school year!

Book Buddy Refund Program

October 04, 2018

Have you enrolled into our Book Buddy Refund Program?  For every $5 you spend shopping with us, $1 will go in your Book Buddy Refund account to use towards classroom supplies!  Here are the program details:

* All U.S. educators are eligible

* Personal purchases also eligible

* Some special promos and products may be excluded from this program 

* Balance of account provided after each purchase

When an online purchase is made at, an automated email of your account balance will be sent within a few business days.

* Receipts from eligible school supply purchases may be emailed to to request a refund.  Your account number (LASTNAME,FIRSTNAME; i.e. DOEJANE) must be included with the request.

* My Book Buddy reserves the right to deny a refund request if the purchase isn't deemed eligible

Email us at to get enrolled and start earning rewards today!

My Book Buddy Offers Additional Services to Educators

February 07, 2020

My Book Buddy proudly offers other services ideal for educators.  Our sponsored services (at no cost) include Read Alongs, Read Alouds, Pop-up Book Fairs, support for existing reading programs, Summer Read Book Gifts, March Is Reading Month activities, and new stock for libraries.  Our non-sponsored services include bulk book orders, Holiday Pop-up Shops, discounted student book orders (our March Is Reading Month Catalog is the most popular!), Book Buddy Refund Program to redeem school supplies, tutoring services, and reading program services.  These services can be offered school wide or only in individual classrooms.  Click on the button below to see our service brochure.  To request any of these services for the upcoming school year, please email us at with the completed 2019-2020 Sponsorship Request Form.

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Service Brochure

Parent's/Teacher's Corner